MeltdownMomma ®

What is meltdown momma?

Meltdown Momma  ® focuses on empowering mothers to be confident in the decisions they make for themselves and their family.  It's time that mothers know that they are not alone when they feel overwhelmed.  It simply  means that they  are human!  check out my site  and awesome products made just for us moms!

What inspired the creation of Meltdown Momma?

I experienced my first public meltdown (keyword public) after recently having my third child and attempting to plan a birthday party for my oldest son. Although I had many “meltdowns” before, this time I could not hide it. I felt very overwhelmed and I just could not take it mentally. My fake façade of “everything is perfect” began to crumble. I broke down in front of the world, I cried, I was ashamed and the thought of being a good mother seemed like a far-fetched dream that I would never reach. A few days after having my meltdown, I started to question why I felt so ashamed for being overwhelmed at times. I realized that it was up to me to decide what a good mother is for my children, not what other people think I should be. I wanted to start a movement (Meltdown Momma) to help mothers know that they are valuable. Mothers should never feel ashamed for being overwhelmed. And every day I seek to inspire and empower moms to define who they are without being influenced by outside factors.  

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